Quality and enviromental policy

We are aware of the importance of quality of beauty products and  household chemicals is highly important. We do not seek a compromise at the expense of the quality.

Our marketing specialists analyze the market, trends and new products in  order to make our current offer in line with our client’s expectations.The success of our organization depends on our employees and their work.

Company’s top management declares that they are going to provide the necessary resources for implementing, maintaining and continuous improvement of the Integrated Management System compliant with:

Our strategic goal is expressed in the following way:

By creating beauty we create better lives 

The strategic goal is being implemented through:

  • Openness to the needs of the market
  • Efforts to become a creator and a leader at home as well as foreign markets
  • Manufacturing safe products for our consumers
  • Supporting creativity and decision-making abilities of employees
  • Working in a friendly organization
  • Satisfying the requirements of the law and other regulations, including our own environmental issues
  • Harmony with natural environment and pollution prevention
  • Optimization of the use of resources and utilities

Jerzy Dobosz, CEO